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Pleasure to make fucking acquaintance!



it izz written!

Me, Me, Me!
Eumel is a 29-year-old student of English but she spends more time procrastinating than studying. Oh, and making graphics. THAT SHE DOES WITH WHORISH ENTHUSIASM!

Eumel is also...
Agnostic. Anglophile. Argumentative. Bibliophilic. Contradictory. Crackpot. Creative. Critical. Elitist. Eloquent. Enthusiastic. Escapist. Eumelist. Excessive. Fannish. Feminist. Funny. Logoleptic. Loyal. Mean. Metal. Misanthropic. Nerdy. Obsessive. Outspoken. Procrastinative. Random. Silly. Single-minded. Straightforward. Stubborn. Up-front. Weird.

LJ biz
Eumel does not have a super nifty friending policy but she recently realised that she has to cut back on sleep if she keeps friending everyone back who seems moderately sane and not at all not unreasonably creepy. So right now, selective adding. Please comment to be added!

A Song of Ice and Fire, Being Human, Dexter, Doctor Who, Generation Kill, Good Omens, Harry Potter, Hannibal, Haven, Highlander, Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars, Merlin, Orphan Black, Queer As Folk, Rome, Sherlock, Sons of Anarchy, Southern Vampire Novels, Spartacus, Star Trek, Supernatural, The Black Donnellys, The Borgias, The Good Wife, Veronica Mars, Vikings...

Quote of the month:

"Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect. You'd have a chance, at least. You could lie there thinking, "Well. At least I'm not dead.'"

~ Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead,




The MERLIN to my unicorn.
The MICROPHONE to my Karl.
The MOAN OF QUIET DELIGHT to my unabashed teasing tongue.
The JPG to my gif.
The RIFLE to my bayonet.
The VIOLA to my string.
The CORPSE to my McCoy.
The ENTERPRISE to my lens flare.
The SACHSEN to my Anhalt.
The BADFIC to my addiction.
The SOFT TORTILLA to my crispy taco shell.
The CHURCH GROUP to my copy of Playgirl.
The VAMPIRE to my Viking.
The INNER PERV to my enabler.

My minions friends say that I am...

"......scaring the frog out of me!"
~ deichrodler (easily scared)

"...so smart it would be scary if it wasn't also combined with wit and sense of humour.

...a fluffy bunny at heart and deserves only the very best of everything, and this even though she inexplicabely liked Twilight. Eumel= Made of Win! Like Neville and Hermione XD"

~ guad (my physical half)

...prone to bouts of CAPSLOCK!ENTHUSIASM and doesn't mind when you clutter up her page with words like MASSIVE VENOM BONER. She is, naturally, made of awesome.
~ jdbracknell (ENTHUSIASTIC herself)

...a Snark-fu Master and a total fangbanger.
~ lillbet (secretly likes Bella)

"...a lean mean COS machine!"
~ ainegriffin (closet poet)

"...completely delusional."
~ rastaban43 (about to be defriended)

...a Care Bear in moderation who oozes sparkles and indulges in secret orgies.
~ mugglesrock18 (about to be spanked)

"...a golden god."
~ lupislune (not as original as one might think)

"...so clever that sometimes she doesn't understand a single word of what she is am saying.

...trying to rule the world with an army of crazy fangirls, obsessed with vampires (sparkly and non-sparkly, we don't discriminate)!"

~ nadinetink (too Bowie-fied for grammar)

~ _puchula_ (jealous)

"... a true headbanger at heart."
~ madeline871 (rocks on)

...Corruptor of innocent Sirius and Remus fans.
~ heslunatic (behind the times)

"...a fluffy kitten."
~ leenielou (has a death wish)

...devious, cute (no matter what she claims), fantastically perverted, and far sweeter than she wants anyone to believe.
~ mexicantt (almost too good to be true)

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